How to Identify Passive Voice: 5 Best Tips

Learning how to identify passive voice in sentences can take a while. Especially if English is not your first language. But there are professional tips that you can follow to make the process easier. For example, you can use an automatic passive voice fixer to revise your text.

An online tool can help you locate the language mistakes in your text easily and within minutes. It will do a thorough language to identify different types of errors. And it will also suggest ways to correct them. Keep reading to learn more about the ways in which you can identify the passive voice in your text.

Why You Should Know How to Identify Passive Voice

The passive voice is not considered a grammatical mistake. However, depending on your text, you might need to change it. Identifying passive voice can help you ensure that you are using the right type of voice and that your text is coherent.

Knowing how to identify it can also help you prevent other mistakes. It can help you edit your text properly and make it readable. But do not worry, you can use an automatic tool to check your writing. A passive voice identifier is a great tool to keep at hand and access every time you need to revise your text.

In These Situations, Passive Voice Can Harm Your Text

Many people have as a writing habit to use the passive voice a little too much. And while it can be useful in some contexts, it can also affect the meaning of your text. One situation in which you should avoid it is when writing history summaries. In this type of paper, the reader needs to be able to know who the actor is.

Another situation is in academic writing. If you are not writing a scientific paper or a lab report, you should avoid the passive voice. It can make it hard for the reader to understand what you are trying to say. And it can demonstrate that you have poor writing skills by making your text sound antiquated.

A passive voice finder online tool can help you avoid these situations. It will analyze the context of the text and locate the mistakes that are pertinent to that particular paper. And it will do it within seconds.

5 Tips for Identifying Passive Voice

Identifying active vs passive voice in writing is easy if you follow these useful tips. Take note of them:

  1. Locate the subject of the sentence. See if the subject is at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.
  2. Analyze the verb tense. The passive voice should follow include the verb to be plus the past participle of the main verb.
  3. In passive voice sentences, the subject receiving the action is unimportant or omitted.
  4. If the subject follows by, then chances are it is a passive voice sentence.
  5. See if the person or object receiving the action is more important than the one doing it. You can use an active vs passive voice finder tool to check this point.

It’s Much Easier to Revise Your Text with an Online Tool

Deciding how to find passive voice in essay, once you have written it, can take a while. You can do it manually or use an online tool. But you should know that an automatic checker is better than proofreading the text yourself. Why? Well, an automatic passive voice detector provides instant results.

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You don’t need to know how to identify passive voice. Use our online tool and improve your text!