How Passive Voice Corrector Online Saves Your Time

Passive Voice Corrector Online

Passive voice cause troubles for many people. Sometimes we get confused about the passive voice use and look for the passive voice misuse corrector. These tools are quite helpful, particularly students and people with poor writing skills. It is very important to know the basics if we want to avoid the use of passive voice. Passive voice should be used, when it is very necessary. If you will use it unnecessarily, you will need a passive voice misuse fixer, for sure. These tools can identify the misuse of passive voice and can give you suggestions for the improvement as well. However, if you know the skill yourself, that will be helpful throughout your life.

Passive Voice in English: What Is It?

You can find passive voice corrector online. But is passive voice incorrect? The answer is, No. Passive voice is the grammatically correct form, but it is not recommended by language experts, unlike it is extremely required. If we try to define passive voice, it is a form in which emphasis is on object and verb, instead of the subject. The subject becomes passive in this voice and the object becomes the subject. If you want to identify a passive sentence, look for a past participle and “be” verb. Passive voice in English is not a popular voice, rather active voice is preferred, which is more direct, clear and active.

Correct Passive Voice: Few Rules

You can easily find active and passive voice checker.

However, if you want to correct your content yourself, you need to know a few rules.

  • Firstly, it is very important to understand that passive voice is correctly used or it’s a misuse. If the subject was not there or not important, you can easily use a passive voice sentence, but if the passive sentence makes your text confusing, it means it’s a misuse and you have to correct passive voice.
  • You can correct the passive sentence, by changing the order of forms of speech. For instance, start with the subject, use verb and helping verb in the correct order and use object in the end.
  • Eliminate the “be” verb from the sentence.
  • Use the appropriate form of the verb instead of the past participle.

Read your sentence a few times and try to make it direct and concise, it will help you.

How to Avoid Passive Voice in Writing?

When it comes to correcting passive voice, the best practice is to avoid the use of it. However, it is not easy to avoid the use of passive sentences. Here are a few practices, which can help you to avoid passive voice.

  • Identify the verb: Verb is considered as the most important part of the sentence. Identify it and make sure you are not using the phrase “to be” with it. Because this phrase will make it passive, the form of the verb really not matter.
  • Identify the subject: Active sentences have a subject in them, while passive can be without a subject. Identify the subject in your sentence and make sure it is in the first part of the sentence.
  • Identify the object: In active sentences, the object comes towards the end of the sentence. Identify the object and make sure it does not replace the subject.

These are very basic practices, which can help you to avoid passive voice. If you get confused, you can use passive voice checker and corrector and improve your writing.

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Passive Voice Corrector Online: Why Students and Writers Need It?

Passive voice corrector is getting very popular. However, many people do not understand why students and writers need it. Here are a few reasons, which make it a popular choice.

  • Instant check: It is available instantly, whenever you need it. If you have an internet connection, you can use it any time, any day.
  • Free of cost: This paper proofreader is available free of cost. There are no subscription charges or any kind of fee. You can use it absolutely free.
  • No downloading: No downloading is required for this tool. You have to visit the website and check your text.
  • Multipurpose: If you are worried about how to avoid passive voice in writing, this tool can help you. But not only that, it can check your grammar, spellings, and plagiarism as well. You can get punctuation suggestions as well.
  • Accurate: It offers accurate results, which are not possible with manual proofreading.

How Passive Voice Corrector Online Saves Your Time?

As we have mentioned above, passive voice corrector many advantages for its users. But the most important benefit of this tool is, it saves a lot of your time. It can identify the passive voice in your document in no time. If you will do the proofreading manually, it can take days for longer documents. But this tool detects the passive sentences quickly. It does not detect the past tense, but it identifies the passive voice according to the context. Moreover, it correct grammar and spelling mistakes as well. Instead of using separate software for grammar correction and punctuation, you can use this simple tool.

This is not only a passive voice corrector online, but it can also correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well. The cherry on the cake is, it’s Free!