All You Need to Know About Active and Passive Voice Checker

Passive Sentence Checker

You may have heard about the passive voice fixer tool. This is a useful tool, which is used by the students, bloggers, content writers and almost everyone. It helps to identify the passive sentences, which are not necessary and destroying the quality of your text. It not only works as a free passive voice checker but also offers suggestions for the correction. You can choose an appropriate suggestion and can improve your writing in no time. However, make sure you select a reliable tool. Some fake software is also there, which are not very good in quality and ask for a fee as well. Choose a quality tool to get quality results.

Is Passive Voice 100% Bad?

When you look for active and passive voice checker, you may have this question in mind. The answer to this question is, No. Passive voice is not 100% bad, rather it is required in many situations, where the active voice is not suitable enough. However, it becomes bad when it fails to provide the necessary information and make the sentence unclear. It becomes bad when it makes sentences unnecessarily longer. So, when you use a passive sentence checker, make sure it works according to the context of the text and eliminates the misused passive voice only.

Passive Voice Check: Limitations of Manual Checking

Misuse or excessive use of passive voice makes your writing vague, so it must be avoided. You can use a tool for this purpose and do it manually too.

However, if you choose to do it yourself, there are some limitations.

  • It will take a lot of your time. You need to read every sentence to identify passive sentences and think about the correction. It will be a time taking the job, particularly if the document is long.
  • The chance of human error is always there. You may not be able to identify all the passive sentence, you may have no idea about how to check for passive voice.
  • Sometimes the sentence is complex, and we have no idea how to fix the passive voice issue.  If you try, it may not be correct.
  • Everyone is not a grammar expert. It may not be the correct fixation, which you have done.

So, manual checking of passive sentences has some limitations. That is the reason passive voice detector online is getting popular.

Passive Voice Checker Online: All You Need to Know

When you use an online passive voice checker, it offers you many advantages. Here are some features of this tool, which can help you to understand that which are the services it offers to its users.

  • Accessibility: This tool is easily accessible to everyone. It requires no download and no installation. Visit the website and useful tool to check for passive voice without any delay. It is an online tool, which needs just an internet connection. You can use it any time, it is accessible 24/7.
  • Works for any type of text: We have a variety of text materials, like articles, essays, blogs, instruction materials, and many others. This tool is equally useful for every kind of text.
  • Many in one: Usually we use different software and apps for the grammar check, spell check. Punctuation check etc. But this is a versatile tool, it works as not only passive voice check, but will check your grammar, punctuation, and spellings as well. Moreover, it will detect plagiarism in your text as well. So instead of using different software, use this tool only and get it done quickly.
  • Accuracy: It is highly accurate. It checks not only passive voice but checks it in true context. If a passive sentence is the requirement of the text, it will not eliminate or correct it. It checks the whole document, no matter how large it is, accurately.
  • Saves time: When you use passive voice checker online, it saves a lot of your time. It highlights all kinds of mistakes and you can correct them very quickly by using the correction option.

If you want to write effectively, you must have a strong grip on grammar. If you are learning yet, this kind of tool can really help.

What Documents the Tool Can Help With?

This is an effective active Vs passive voice checker. It can help with any kind of document.  You can use it for checking the academic documents like essays, dissertation, articles, assignments, research papers or any kind of academic document. It is equally useful for business papers like official letters, manuals, reports, etc. It can also work as active voice checker if you need to check your admission and job documents like a resume, letter of recommendation, personal statements, etc. It does not find the past participle only, it works are a grammar checker and spell checker a well. No matter you are a content writer, blogger or a senior journalist, everyone can take advantage of this amazing tool.

Use this active and passive voice checker and get rid of all your writing problems. Enjoy all the benefits which it offers, for Free!